The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Eleven: The Lotus Eaters

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Eleven: The Lotus Eaters



In this episode Will and the band discover that one must be careful what one wishes for, for the wish may be granted …

Fleeing from Xaxian Warriors, Will and the others stumble into the Sacred Valley – a place of startling natural beauty which seems to magically grant their every desire.


An image of Kalem appears and tells them the Crystal Arrow has been found and the Quest completed: they are free to now pursue their own dreams.

Leon finds his old Professor and embarks on the life of study and learning the troubles in Kale interrupted; Drogo finds his father, who he has long believed to have been murdered by the Warriors, and begins to be inducted into the ways of the wolf tribe; Aruna finds Ortlan, the Arborean she was once to marry; Vara awakes to find herself crowned Queen of a happy, united Kale; and Will, the reluctant hero, settles down contentedly to farming – all he has ever wanted – with the woman of his dreams at his side.


But the Sacred Valley protects itself from intruders at any cost. As our heroes become lost in their fantasies Kalem must confront her own dark side: Alter-Kalem, who tells her the Valley demands a death – either her own or that of her champion, William Tell.

As Kalem desperately flees the evil Alter-Kalem the band’s dreams begin to turn horribly sour … and it is only when William is actually laid out on an altar and apparently about to be sacrificed by his own mentor, that Drogo awakes to the danger and persuades the others they must abandon these addictive, seductive illusions and return to the real and difficult world.