Return to Treasure Island

Return to Treasure Island

1 x 90’ Movie of the Week, or 3 x half-hour mini-series.

Many years have passed since the adventures of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins on the notorious Treasure Island. Now they are destined to meet again!

Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of romance, treachery and adventure on the high seas, Return to Treasure Island is Cloud 9’s original sequel, picking up the story of the legendary Long John Silver and his long time adversary Jim Hawkins (starring Dean O’Gorman).

Jim Hawkins has grown into a gentleman. A merchant ship owner. And his path is destined to cross once again with Long John Silver during the turbulence of the American War of Independence. Silver is up to his old tricks again but this time there is an added complication to his relationship with Hawkins – Silver’s daughter, Coral, to whom Jim is mutually attracted.

It is a tumultuous time and Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Coral and others become involved in a desperate game of cat and mouse with the British warship commanded by Captain Savage – which unexpectedly reaches its climax on Treasure Island.

Shot entirely on location in Fiji, this sequel has drama, action, suspense and romance set against picturesque locations from the high seas to the white sandy beaches of the South Pacific, with plenty of action and adventure – and a few tears along the way – to entertain the entire family.