The Tribe


Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Tribe are each available as 260 x half-hour episodes or 130 x hour episodes. Plus Making Of documentary’s, Tour specials, Blooper additions – and a whole lot more.

The Tribe is a unique and radical children/teen series that has evolved into a cult program touching the hearts and minds of fans of all ages.

The theme of the series is a world with no adults and on one level The Tribe might best be described as Mad Max meets Neighbours or Home and Away meets The Terminator.


But it is not a conventional teen soap as in addition to the human interplay the series addresses all manner of themes associated with rebuilding society from self reliance to justice, democracy to the use of technology.

Unprecedented in its approach, The Tribe is more than just a series for millions of fans around the world – almost a way of life.


Fans study The Tribe in schools, dress like The Tribe, have Tribe parties, visit Tribeworld and, overall, the series is unpinned by a mammoth profile from book publishing tie ins to a range of merchandising (much of which is available through The Tribe’s online shopping through Tribeworld).


The series is supported by global tours and personal appearances to assist promoting the series and even making appearances at Tribe conventions.

For more information – enter Tribeworld – and you can visit our web sites or our recent The Tribe official Facebook pages