The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson

30 x half-hour episodes or 10 x 75’ mini-movie specials.

Richard Thomas (best known and loved by international television audiences for his legendary portrayal of John Boy in The Waltons) heads the cast in Cloud 9’s captivating and lyrical adaptation of the timeless classic by Johann Wyss.

The Series chronicles the adventures of David Robinson (Richard Thomas) and the Robinson family as they struggle to survive in the face of adversity after being ship wrecked on a tropical desert island.

Shot entirely on location in Fiji and New Zealand, the palm trees are real as are the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

The story is driven by human drama and the interplay between the family and their fellow survivors (some friendly – others evolving into enemies of the Robinson’s) the series will inspire the entire family.

There are pirates, a fully functioning tree house, beautiful island girls, coral reefs, treasures, dangers, animals, mysteries, lots of humor and even romance, and a whole lot of surprises as the Robinson family endure in this fascinating series of human endeavor battling the forces of mother nature – and at times, even themselves.