Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation


The Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation is a registered charity and was set up with the objective of supporting Asperger Syndrome in New Zealand and internationally in several ways.
Asperger’s Syndrome

The Foundation itself has a focus to raise funds and awareness for Asperger Syndrome, which is a recently discovered cluster in the Autistic spectrum. “For some children they suffer for years undiagnosed which causes enormous problems for them, their parents and families, and at times society in general”, says Raymond Thompson, CEO of the Cloud 9 Group. “We will make a concerted effort to raise enough funds, to lobby government, and establish training programmes and overall, to try and instigate an infrastructure of support that is currently sadly lacking”.

The Patron of the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation is Dr Tony Attwood of Brisbane, Australia. Dr Attwood is one of the world’s leading experts on Asperger Syndrome and has studied the syndrome for years contributing greatly to diagnosis and support for people with Asperger Syndrome.. He supports many children and adults with the syndrome at his practise in Brisbane, and also travels the world giving lectures and raising public awareness of Asperger Syndrome. He has also written much literature and research on Asperger Syndrome.

What the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation does

The Foundation will use the profile and recognition of Cloud 9’s position in the entertainment industry as a springboard for bringing awareness and highlighting the publicity of Asperger Syndrome, for example, through events such as the Cloud 9 Studios Open Day in June 2000 and utilising the facilities at Cloud 9 Studios to run drama groups for teenagers affected by Asperger Syndrome.

The Foundation has started many programmes for children and families affected by Asperger Syndrome including gym fun days throughout the Wellington region, teenage social groups and film nights. The Foundation also ran a Summer Programme in 2001 which saw activities such as an overnight zoo trip, overnight observatory trip, horseriding lessons, gym fun days and a weekend camp.

The Foundation also brought Dr.Tony Attwood over form Australia to participate in the New Zealand Autism Conference 2002.

The Cloud 9 team itself has many contacts and connections and the Foundation will continue its assocation with other corporate institutions in an effort to raise substantial funds for the Foundation. This will enable the Foundation to continue with the beneficial and successful activities that have already touched the lives of many families in the Wellington region and to expand these throughout New Zealand.

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