Revelations – The Initial Journey

26 x half-hour episodes.

“Revelations – The Initial Journey” follows the travels through a variety of backdrops and timelines of Jess, who is portrayed as every man. After all, the series mirrors the travels of every man, woman and child.

Throughout his journies, Jess meets a diverse range of people of all ages, beliefs and religions – each of whom is struggling with difficult situations and predicaments in their lives.

Although the stories are set from biblical times to the present day, it is not a “religious” series in the conventional sense. But more a journey through history to challenge, educate and entertain. Involved in romance, adventure, conflict, danger and intrigue, fuelled by themes of jealousy, humour, peer pressure, bullying, despair, compassion, superstitions, warfare, family feuds and all elements of the human condition in life.

Paying homage to gentle series such as “The Waltons” and “Touched by an Angel’, “Revelations: The Initial Journey” will appeal to children of all ages, as well as the entire family.