Atlantis High

A unique teen spoof 26 x half-hour episodes.

Self-confessed teen neurotic nerd Giles Gordon moves to Sunset Cove with his mysterious mother Dorothy and eccentric Grandpa. Sunset Cove is an idyllic beach community where the sun always shines endlessly onto golden sands, the surf is forever up and never down – and the people are all truly beautiful. It is the world of sunshine soaps. Perfect in tone which isn’t confined to the muscles of the hunks or shapely figures of the beach babes. But as Giles soon discovers, there is more to Sunset Cove than meets the eye. And nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Settling into his new high school, Atlantis High, Giles quickly notices that not only do all the students seem to be weird. But also the teachers. Could the school being reputedly built on the remnants of the lost city of Atlantis have anything to do with this?

Feeling like a total alien, Giles soon falls in love with classmate Octavia Vermont. Beautiful, enigmatic and amazingly intelligent, is Octavia really a secret agent? Some suspect so. But where does she get her orders?

Giles has a rival for Octavia’s affections – Josh Montana, the wealthy and handsome Ivy League high school jock. Little does Giles know that Josh has an added quirk and masquerades as a crime fighting super-hero at night.

Giles befriends Beanie, a kid with large pointy ears and a fascination with flying saucers. Beanie seems to be struggling with his origins and Giles suspects the results are truly alien. Especially when be becomes entangled with Jet Marigold, a feisty blue-haired chick with attitude that could melt acid and a strong belief in wild conspiracy theories. Could some actually be true?

The science teacher at Atlantis High, Mr Dorsey, has a strange accent, a fondness for rodents and also looks up to the stars and speaks into a flower. Is he just eccentric? Or even a secret agent on a classified mission?

What is the mystery surrounding Giles’ mother? Who does she work for – really? And why does Giles’ Grandpa always seem to have something to hide?

The military under the overly macho but strangely vulnerable Commander Vermont are on a constant red alert around Atlantis High and Sunset Cove. But what are they searching for? What is their true mission?

These are just some of the questions Giles finds himself asking as he becomes entangled in a series of unexpected adventures, wacky surprises and endless complications as his socially awkward life seems doomed to decline into total chaos and turmoil as he struggles to make sense of it all. From a trip around the wonders of the world in a bus to encountering ninjas and secret agents, to a toy rabbit with a mind of it’s own, to making friends with a trio of intrepid alien travellers, to even a school guidance counsellor who seems to be in the need of guidance himself after becoming involved with local shady entrepreneur, Lew Siffer.

Throw in a poltergeist or two, super-villains, super-heroes, beach babes, muscled hunks, glistening smiles and melodrama which may affect the world – and universe – forever. This clearly is a series that has to be seen to be believed.