The Enid Blyton Adventure Series


24 x half-hour episodes or 8 x 75’ mini-movies/video specials, along with a 1 x 45′ documentary, Making Of’ special.

Enid Blyton is acknowledged as a doyen of children’s literature, one of the most successful – and internationally acclaimed – children’s authors of the 20th century and the Adventure Series is the flagship of Blyton’s impressive works.

The Adventure series books have been updated for audiences of today – and tomorrow.

Join Philip, Dinah, Lucy, and Jack along with their beloved pet parrot, Kiki, in this unique and contemporary series of breath taking non stop action and adventure.

Through rivers, woods, mountains – even a circus – this group of intrepid adventurers make sure that they save the day, although at times it looks as though they might need saving themselves!

A whirlwind of fun, excitement and daring, this series will appeal to children and indeed families of all ages where good always triumphs in the end.