The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Characters

The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Characters



Thaddeus Arnold – An eccentric explorer, Thaddeus travels the world due to his involvement in everything from archaelology to sailing to the sciences. Thaddeus is a widower and whenever he leaves home he ensures his children (Laura, Peggy and Mike) are left in the best capable hands. Thaddeus is devoted to his children and they often accompany him on his travels.


Charlotte Clancy – A leading photo-journalist, Charlotte has many “scoops” and news stories to her credit. She is very independent and determined – but finds herself attracted to Thaddeus when she is assigned to photograph his sailing round the world. Feisty and stubborn, Charlotte also has a tender and loving nature and she becomes the children’s new mother.


Laura Arnold – In many senses Laura follows in her father’s footsteps – she is eccentric and enjoys the romance of travelling and exploring. This is due to her very vivid imagination – she looks at things differently. At times she imagines dangers that may not really exist and is teased by others for this – other occasions she picks up “bad vibes” from people or places that are genuine and this can get the family out of tricky situations.


Peggy Arnold – Most like her mother, Peggy is reserved and has a “serious” side. She is initially sceptical of the many “rumours” that surround places the family encounter on their adventures. She is protective of her family and will “stand up” against any injustices she sees – be it from her bad natured Aunt and Uncle or her suspicions of the newwoman in Thaddeus’ s life, Charlotte.


Mike Arnold – The youngest child, Mike is on one hand innocent and looked after by the others. However he does have a very mischievious side and enjoys playing pranks – especially on his sisters, Laura and Peggy. Mike likes animals and the natural world.


Jack – An orphan who had lived with his grandparents, the children encounter Jack during their stay on the “Secret Island” and become great friends. A kind and well natured boy who has a good wit and sense of humour, Jack longs to be part of a “real family”. Inventive and improvising, he often thinks up good ideas or plans.


Prince – The pet dog of the Thaddeus household, Prince is adored by the children. He goes with them wherever they go and is used to travelling. He is devoted to the family. A very intelligent dog, Prince can sense danger and has good tracking skills that are often required on the family’s adventures. ..


Ruby – The children’s nanny – and a whole lot more. Ruby is wacky and sometimes quite crazy. She is full of energy and a lover of life who will make the most out of every day. Eccentric and a bundle of fun.