The Enid Blyton Secret Series

20 x half-hour episodes or 5 x 90’ self contained movies of the week.

A follow up to the flagship Adventure Series franchise from the same legendary author, Enid Blyton, this series is adapted from Blyton’s best selling and much loved Secret novels.

The story focuses on Thaddeus Arnold, an eccentric widower and explorer, his four children, Jack, Peggy, Mike, Laura and their adorable pet dog, Prince, along with the beautiful and feisty photo – journalist, Charlotte.

Danger, thrills and excitement are around every corner for this daring team – and a whole bunch of humor too – throughout their unexpected adventures ranging from encounters with lost civilizations in Africa, to a villain’s plan to overthrow a king in the magical forest of Baronia, to a crazed scientists attempt to control the world.

Will the Arnold family live to tell the tale? You bet they will, in this intriguing series which will enthrall children and family audiences worldwide.