The Legend of William Tell

16 x 1-hour episodes or 32 x half -hour episodes.


Described by Executive Producer, Raymond Thompson, as “Star Wars on the planet Earth”, this is a fantasy saga of bravery, magic, myth, romance and heroism.

William Tell is the youthful leader of a band of young outlaws, forever hunted by the forces of darkness, led by Xax and Kreel, who have usurped power in their homeland.

The series of self-contained stories follows Will’s quest to restore young Princess Vara to her rightful place on the royal throne and defeat Xax and Kreel’s forces – and, by doing so, bring back peace and order to the Kingdom of Kale.

Filmed on location throughout New Zealand (and many of the same areas as the acclaimed Lord of the Rings – the series was designed by Dan Hennah who won the Academy Award for his art direction on The Lord of the Rings), the series has stunning scenery and beautiful production values.

There is a star-studded cast of familiar faces (including Nathaniel Lees from The Matrix), and a whole bunch of action and adventure along the way, creatures, wizards and elves, mystery, intrigue, humor and human drama, as Will’s rebel band support each other in their quest of defeating Xax and Kreel and fulfill their destiny.

A provocative and imaginary tale to enthrall children worldwide and indeed the entire family.