Welcome to the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group

cloud-9-homeThe Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group was founded in 1994 by screenwriter, Raymond Thompson, in association with the multi-media group, the Sanctuary Group PLC.

Since that time the company has evolved into one of the most prolific creators and producers of live-action quality family entertainment and its catalogue of programming has been exported to over 130 countries around the world.

The Cloud 9 Group itself has diversified into a range of companies from Cumulus Distribution (which distributes Cloud 9’s portfolio of programming) to Dreamcloud (a vehicle for Cloud 9’s expansion into the world of animation) – and has also established the registered charity, The Cloud 9 Children Foundation.

The company primarily trades through offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom – and has recently interwoven motion-picture titles within its portfolio to further build and consolidate the company’s growth.

For any distribution rights or IP enquiries, please email contact@entercloud9.com

From the unforgetable adventures of the children in the legendary Enid Blyton Adventure and Secret Series classics… to the endeavour and experience of life on a desert island in the Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson (starring Richard Thomas, best known for his immortal portrayal of John Boy in The Waltons)… the enthralling storytelling and unexpected twists in William Shatner’s A Twist in the Tale… to the wacky superheroes and UFOs in the spoof Atlantis High… to the sword and sorcery mythology in The Legend of William Tell… to the inspired spirituality of Revelations The Initial Journey… to the groundbreaking creation and evolution of a new world without adults by the children of The Tribe and the sequel The New Tomorrow- and much more – Cloud 9 has prided itself on putting story first in its portfolio of quality titles, which are a true testament that quality storytelling will live forever and be enjoyed for many generations of children and families for several years to come.

If you are a first time visitor or a long-time fan, welcome to the site and we hope you enjoy entering the world of Cloud 9…