The Enid Blyton Adventure Series – Characters


The Enid Blyton Adventure Series – Characters



Philip – The eldest child, Philip is protective of the others. He has an affinity with animals and cares for their welfare – everything from horses to dogs, cats to birds, even lizards and spiders (which he teases Dinah with). He can be brash at times and do things on the spur of the moment – he would call it “courage” but Dinah playfully derides this as his “macho” and tough image.


Dinah – Philip’s sister, Dinah is determined and forthright. This willpower of hers can often be seen as stubborness. Dinah is Philip’s opposite in one sense: he loves animals, she is terrified of lizards, creepy-crawlies. Dinah often teases Philip and is caustic at times. But this is playful rather than mean-spirited – Dinah loves her family very much.


Jack – An orphan and brother to Lucy-Ann, Jack is a technology-freak. He adores gadgets, inventions, anything to do with computers. He always carries his portable palm computer around and it is very handy. His love of computers is matched by his love of food – Jack has a huge appetite and gets teased about this by the others. The parrot Kiki has adopted Jack as his master…


Lucy-Ann – Jack’s younger sister and the youngest of the group. Lucy-Ann is innocent and her honesty (instead of tact/diplomacy) can lead to comical situations. She is full of energy and can be mischievous at times – even annoying to the others, but they are protective of her due to her being the youngest.


Allison Mannering – The mother of Philip and Dinah, Allison is a widow. She is very much a “modern mum” and juggles her career as an artist/painter with being a mother to her children, to whom she cares deeply. Generous, kind-hearted and a sense of humour, Allison wants to adopt Jack and Lucy-Ann as her own since they get on so well with Philip and Dinah. She is also attracted to Bill Cunningham.


Bill Cunningham – Bill is Scottish originally and is an enigmatic figure. Good natured and a gentleman he is very kind to the children and gets on very well with their mother, Allison, the two of them falling in love. Bill is actually a secret agent for the British Secret Service and must go on undercover missions around the world. This leads to adventures for the family and Bill in the end marries Allison and becomes a loving father to the children.


Kiki the Parrot – Kiki is an eccentric and hilarious parrot. She gravitates mostly to Jack, who belongs to her as much as she belongs to him. Kiki accompanies the family on their travels and constantly chirps and chatters away. She does know a few words and her squaking/speaking can lead to funny situations. Kiki is loved by all and is more than a pet parrot, she’s a member of the family.