The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Two: The Fifth Column

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Two: The Fifth Column



In the new reign of terror Xaxian Warriors have been pillaging the countryside, dispersing and destroying any tribes or villages which remain loyal to the old order.

One of the survivors is Drogo – a boy close to Vara’s age, descended from the wolf tribe. Drogo encounters the band and leads them to another survivor, the lovely Cyrana, who also joins the group.

Will’s crossbow has been broken in a foolish attempt by Vara to escape; Cyrana suggests the master craftsman Mondar could fix it, and they set off to find him.

But however they change their course, Xax remains hot on their trail, desperate to retrieve Princess Vara to act as her “protector”. It becomes clear there must be a traitor in their group passing information somehow to the Warriors: but which of the newcomers is it?

Mondar is being held prisoner by Kreel and Xax, who wish him to create a new superweapon from the Crystals. Xax also holds Mondar’s only child as a hostage and whose life will be forfeit if he does not comply with their demands.

The band discover Cyrana is the traitor in their midst. She tearfully explains her predicament – Mondar is her father, and she must help Xax or he will die.

Will plans a daring rescue attempt, during which Drogo is captured. Will gives himself up in exchange for the wolf-boy – but as Xax prepares to fire Mondar’s superweapon at Will, it explodes in his hands, allowing the band, with Mondar and Cyrana, to escape.


Kalem comes to their rescue with the gift of a magical Shelter: as they enter it appears to merge with the countryside, concealing them completely from their pursuers.

Before he and Cyrana take leave of the band, Mondar fixes Will’s broken crossbow, strengthening and adjusting it so that it is better than before. He offers the orphaned Drogo a home – but Drogo cannot bear to leave his newfound friends. With the addition of Drogo, the rebel band is complete…