The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Eight: Swarm

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Eight: Swarm



The Princess Vara has fallen ill. The band is taken in by Harana, a healer and leader of a group that calls itself the Watchers…

Tucked away in a bountiful valley that does not appear on any map, the Watchers exist in a pocket of peace and plenty that the battle-weary heroes find difficult to credit can still exist in Kale. Stranger still, Harana and her followers have never heard of Xax and Kreel …


To Xax’s exasperation, Kreel is toying with abandoning force as a method to subjugate the peoples of Kale – it is far too inefficient. Harana is the unwitting testing-ground for his new experiment. All Watchers must undergo a rite of passage in the so-called Chamber of Good Thoughts – where they are brainwashed and tortured in the name of the Master, who is really Kreel in disguise. The victims are taught to send out psychic shockwaves whenever Xax and Kreel are criticised.

Kreel’s plan is to send Harana’s converts out as Ambassadors of Good Will – subtly undermining any resistance to a complete takeover by Xax.


Will discovers what is really going on through the beautiful Zefra, a fierce warrior-woman who alone has managed to escape the Chamber. But it is too late for Leon and Aruna, who have become part of the Watchers.

To save them Will must descend into the Chamber … and he face Kreel alone. Will is on the point of defeat when Harana, horrified to discover she has been the agent of so much pain and misery, herself descends to the Chamber and destroys it.

With the spell broken, her followers are restored to themselves, and an insidious and sinister scheme Kreel has once again been thwarted by William Tell…