The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode One: Shaytana’s Eye

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode One: Shaytana’s Eye



A malevolent force threatens the peaceful Kingdom of Kale: Shaytana’s Eye, the Dark Crystal, from which arch-villains Kreel and his vain protegé Xax derive their power. At the head of an army of Xaxian Warriors, Kreel and Xax invade the Citadel, overthrow the King and Queen, and keep their daughter, Vara, as their prisoner.

The future of the kingdom is in terrible danger, and its only hope is the legendary nad magical Crystal Arrow, Talisman of Kale: its strength alone can defeat Shaytana’s Eye. Kalem, the super-being of Light and the force ofd good as Kreel represents Darkness, must find a hero for the quest …


Kalem searches out William Tell, a dashing, headstrong, charismatic young man named for an ancient hero. Will’s life to date has been simple and secluded: he is reluctant to become leader of the resistance movement, which, Kalem tells him, is his destiny.

His mission is twofold: to find the Crystal Arrow – and to rescue the Princess Vara, the true ruler of Kale. He sets out on his quest with his loyal dog Alvar – but on his way to the Citadel is captured and thrown into the Mines. There Will meets two unlikely followers: Leon, the Heraclean, strong and wise; and Aruna, descended from a species of wildcat, beautiful, fierce and proud.

Together, using their combined and characteristic talents, they escape the Mines and infiltrate the Citadel. Princess Vara is rescued – but against her own will, for she has been hypnotised by Kreel (who seeks to use her as a pawn), and she believes he and Xax will protect her in this strange and frightening new world.

As Will, Leon, Aruna, Vara and Alvar climb into the mountains where they will be safe, Kalem appears once more to Will, and offers him the Crystal Arrow pendant which represents his Quest … and their adventures are only just beginning…