The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Sixteen: Resurrection

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Sixteen: Resurrection



With Kalem apparently destroyed, the band dissolved, and the leader of the rebels no one knows where, Kreel assures Xax that the battle to win the Kingdom is to all intents and purposes won. But superbeings cannot really “die” …

Will has been eking out a living which seems designed as self-punishment – on a pigfarm. Kalem appears to him here and tells him this is no way for a great leader to behave: the Quest for the Arrow is his destiny. Will is incredulous to find Kalem alive, but also angry. He holds her responsible for Aruna’s death, and cannot forgive her for the order which prompted him to kill the woman he loved. Kalem tells him Aruna could still be saved … and disappears.
Will is led by a black cat – perhaps a symbol of Aruna herself – to Leon, Drogo and Vara, who have been working in disguise in a sordid eatinghouse. The band sets out, together once more, to find the last of their number.


However, Bolino, the crafty owner of the eatinghouse, has figured out who they are, and sends word to the Citadel…

The black cat leads them to the Throne of Thrones, the ancient resting-place of all great Kalean heroes, pursued by Xax and Kreel. In the Throne of Thrones lies not only Aruna, but the original William Tell, the legendary hero Will was named for. In his grasp lies … the Crystal Arrow.

In seeking Aruna, the love of his life, Will has reached the end of his Quest. Greatly moved, Will takes up the Crystal Arrow … and Aruna awakes.


Kreel cannot bear to see his life’s work lost. In desperation he abandons Xax, seizes Vara, and gallops back to the Citadel. There he makes a last gamble: he turns the full force of Shaytana’s Eye on the princess.

Kalem warns Will no time can be lost. He shoots the Crystal Arrow into the heart of Shaytana’s Eye … and the Dark Crystal is destroyed.

With it go the hopes and the power of the villains. The Light has won!