The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Thirteen: Labyrinth

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Thirteen: Labyrinth



In an attempt to defeat Will and Kalem, Kreel has brought forth the most concentrated evil in the form of the Memlok – creature of the Dark.

The shapechanging Memlok is sent out into the world in the guise of a pretty servant-girl, Arabella. Arabella is placed in the path of the rebels; they “rescue” her from Xaxian Warriors and take her back to the Shelter with them. But this time Kreel may have gone too far …


Leon comes to the home of his old friend and teacher, Chow Chu, who tells him in his studies he has found a reference to the Crystal Arrow itself. He believes it may be found at the centre of an ancient maze known as the Labyrinth. Could the Quest finally be coming to a conclusion?

Will and Aruna set out to find the heart of the Labyrinth, leaving Leon on guard at the entrance – but they are quickly lost within the maze, for it is, of course, only another creation of Kreel’s …


With the adults gone, Arabella manages to lure Vara back to the Citadel before revealing her true form. Drogo, frantic, rouses Leon, but their attempt to rescue the girls only leads to their own capture.

However, evil cannot always be contained or controlled: as Kreel gloats over the prisoners that the Memlok has delivered to him, the creature turns on Kreel himself.

The other prisoners flee, but the strongman Leon, realising that the Memlok poses an even worse threat to Kale than Kreel and Xax, helps him subjugate it once more – and return it to whence it came – before escaping himself.