The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Three: Escape Into Fear

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Three: Escape Into Fear



The Lords Xax and Kreel have put a price on the head of William Tell – and are distributing Wanted posters around all the villages.

As two slaves, Freya and Pieter, are about to be set free by their master Hugo, a Xaxian Captain appears and harshly reminds them that according to a new statute, slaves are necessary to the economy and can no longer be freed. Pieter is to be sent to the mines; the beautiful Freya, coveted by Xax, is sent to the Citadel.

Princess Vara escapes from William Tell during a battle with Xaxian Warriors and is befriended by Tyrean nymphs, who are secretly in the pay of Xax.


Hugo asks Will for help to rescue his beloved – Freya. Will says they must first recover Vara.

In the battle, two Xaxian Warriors are wounded – and in retribution, their Captain intends to execute twenty villagers, unless William Tell gives himself up. Will feels he has no choice. He is taken to the Citadel and imprisoned.

Kreel and Xax cynically set up a mock “trial”, to convict Will for the murder of King Tringnom and Queen Bethel. Freya, who has made a spirited attempt on Xax’s life during her captivity, is to be hanged next to Will.


Aruna, Leon and Drogo rescue Vara and appear at the Citadel disguised as Xaxian Warriors, just as Will and Freya are about to be hung. During the scuffle the band escapes, with the Lord Xax captive.

Leon and Aruna are all for executing Xax on the spot – but Will feels to do so would make them little better than Xax himself. Xax is allowed to run for his life. Vara, shocked into seeing the true nature of Xax, finally accepts that those she once considered her friends are her deadly enemies, and those she considered her enemies, her friends.

Vara realises Will and the band have not only saved her life, but are her only chance of one day returning to the throne as the rightful ruler of Kale and restoring peace to the land…