The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Fourteen: Doppelganger

The Legend of William Tell – Plot Synopsis – Episode Fourteen: Doppelganger



Kreel has a plan of diabolical cleverness to finally defeat Will, and turn Kale against the rebel heroes. He has created a doppelganger – Will’s mirror image – who is marauding the countryside with a band of Barbarians as henchmen, leaving a trail of murder and destruction in his wake, and all in the guise of William Tell.

Kalem does not understand why the tribes have turned against them, but she senses a sinister disturbance in the Eye – and persuades Xax to let her into the Citadel, and close to Kreel, by disguising herself as the startlingly beautiful warrior Thalestris.

Will and the band go to the village of Zama for refuge – but even these old friends, led by the traitor Priestess, turn against them and they must flee for their lives.

Vara is abducted by a second Doppelganger, who she goes with willingly, believing him to be William.

Will sends Aruna, Leon and Drogo after Vara while he pursues Doppelganger I and the Barbarians. He is led to a cavern deep in the mountain, where the Doppelganger reveals his face for the first time, and tells Will he is his own twin brother.


Meanwhile the second Doppelganger has dragged Vara back to Zama, where the others follow. The villagers bind and gag the band, and Doppelganger II – still masquerading successfully as Will, and pretending to have seen the “error” of his ways – prepares to slay them in front of Vara’s horrified eyes …

Back in the cavern, Will has let his guard down, bewildered by his mirror image – and he too is on the point of being killed as Xax and Kreel watch with delight through the image pool in the Citadel. Kalem, listening outside the door, is in despair: she bursts into Kreel’s Room, distracting the two villains for long enough for Will to shoot the imposter with his crossbow, but in so doing exposing herself to the full force of Shaytana’s Eye.

The doppelgangers are destroyed and Will and the band’s lives are saved – but Kalem has been blasted seemingly out of existence … and without her, can the Quest continue?