The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Seven: The Treasure Hunt

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Seven: The Treasure Hunt


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The family bonds are particularly strong as Christmas approaches and sentiments are mixed with each member of the family reflecting on the life they once had back in Boston – and a life in the natural world. Christina and Billy are concerned if St. Nicholas can never find their island home and the family improvise the making of gifts and preparations.

For all that the situation seems tragically hopeless, David and Elizabeth rally the family and they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – and Christmas in their island home with the improvised tree and presents. Ernst gets the ship’s sextant, and Joanna the old treasure map. Other members of the family exchange their home made gifts and decorate the treehouse (and pet animals).

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Parsons and Ben, on their nearby island, hear the family singing carols. Ben is wistful, but Parsons is still bent on revenge.

Over the ensuing days , the fort is damaged by a raging storm and David insists that everyone must help repair. Joanna is annoyed. She wants to hunt for treasure ( and sees if her map is of substance ). Early next day Joanna takes the raft and goes off alone. Joanna sees pirates and tries to get home, but she is captured by Parsons and Ben.

Leaving Ernst caring for Elizabeth and organising the fort defences, David goes off in search of Joanna.

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Parsons offers Scaggs, the Pirate Captain, the treasure map and Joanna, in return for a passage. Scaggs agrees. But while the pirates sleep, David arrives and with Ben’s help releases Joanna. Fleeing the pirates through the forest, Joanna is scared by a human skull nailed to a tree. Trying to hide she, Ben and David fall into a concealed hole. Unable to climb out, they explore a tunnel leading from the hole. They are almost killed by a booby trap before reaching a high-roofed cavern with a treasure chest in the centre.

Ben is caught in a net which whisks him up to the roof. As he swings there, helpless, the pirates discover the tunnel. David and Joanna escape, but Joanna persuades David to return to try and rescue young Ben, who has clearly come over to their side.

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As they rescue Ben the group are surprised by the pirates returning. Ben rescues the situation by blowing up the tunnel with a small keg of gunpowder that was another booby trap. Scaggs is killed in the explosion and Parsons joins forces with Bonnie Mary, the new captain.

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The Robinsons are threatened by the pirates sailing into their bay. The family have only one shot for the cannon in their fort, but Ben makes it count, sinking the ship’s boat in which the pirates are about to come ashore. Unaware that the family have no more cannonballs, the pirates turn tail and sail away – and the Robinsons celebrate the successful conclusion to yet another adventure and certainly a Christmas that they will always remember.