The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Nine: Paradise Lost

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Nine: Paradise Lost


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Month sixteen. Life is idyllic for the little community. The farm is flourishing and everyone is preparing for the forthcoming marriage of Ben and Joanna. David, as head of the community is rehearsing the impending marriage ceremony between the young lovestruck Joanna and Ben.

Unknown to the family, Parsons and Bonnie Mary arrive back on the island in their pirate ship, The Viper. Parsons is bent on destroying the family.

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As David conducts the marriage ceremony, Parsons lines him up in his musket sights and fires. The shot hits David’s bible and saves his life. The family retreat to their prepared hill fort and delay the pirates with a variety of devices they have prepared. But the odds are against them.

Mary persuades Parsons that they can starve the family out, rather than risk more casualties. Parsons vengefully sets fire to the treehouse. During the lull, Joanna persuades David to finish the marriage, so that she and Ben can at least die as a married couple. David completes the service.

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As the family are about to be overrun, an armed merchant ship comes into view, heading for the island. Fearing for her ship, Mary decides to leave. Parsons protests that he hasn’t gained his revenge and refuses to go. Mary leaves him to fend for himself.

The merchantman is owned by Elizabeth’s father, Oscar. Kwang Sen, the Chinese merchant to whom Emily is betrothed, is also on board. Oscar is horrified that his grandchildren have apparently become savages. Kwang Sen demands Emily’s obedience, but Emily no longer wants to marry him. The family side with her, and buy the merchant off with the treasure they were planning to use for their own future.

Parsons appears and accuses David of murdering his brother. Oscar dismisses it, but David is determined to return home (to Boston) and clear his name. He and the family set sail for Boston.

Back in Boston, the trial of David against Parsons ends when the drunken judge dismisses the charges leaving Parsons, frustrated at not having got “justice” – and the family to pick up the pieces of their broken lives as they attempt to settle back into Boston society – for haven’t they finally reached home?