The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Four: Princess From The Sea


The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson – Plot Synopsis – Book Four: Princess From The Sea


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The family still look to each other – and often the dear Lord – for comfort, support and guidance as they struggle with life in the natural world which at times feels like a tropical paradise and other times like a prison.

The family decide to build a fort on a hill to defend themselves in the event of attack again from any third parties such as pirates/natives.

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While searching for driftwood, Ernst sees a beautiful native girl arrive alone in a canoe. She is tired and distressed. He is trying to befriend her when a war canoe arrives in pursuit of the girl. She and Ernst hide in the burial chamber, where they are finally rescued by David.

The family revive the girl and discover she is a princess, Moya the daughter of the king (the same king from Book Two ). Moya tells the family that a tribal war has broken out on their island. Her father has been killed and she has run away because her life is in danger. The family decide to welcome Moya into the family fold.

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Unknown to the family, the shaman has stayed behind from the war party, determined to kill the princess since she is heiress to her native kingdom.

Moya starts to live with the family and the two cultures come to understand something of each others ways. Ernst becomes infatuated with the girl. Moya is an expert pearl diver and offers to help the family search the wreck for additional materials that may be useful for the new fortress the family are building.

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The shaman, casting his dark spell, gets Moya into difficulties as she searches the submerged wreck. She is rescued by David, but shortly after, the family are alarmed to see another war canoe arrive.

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Fleeing to their newly built fort the family prepare to defend themselves. To their relief they discover the native party is led by the young man to whom Moya is betrothed. He has defeated the rival group and come in search of Moya. With the shaman vanquished, Moya and her prince return to their island, leaving Ernst broken-hearted at Moya’s leaving – but he knows she must return to where she belongs and perhaps one day the Robinson family will return to their own home too.