Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 18

Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 18

“The Good Samaritan” 1961, Hicksville, USA


Teenage Students are congregating on the steps at the start of a new term. At the centre of things is WAYNE. He is surrounded by BILLY, the WILD ONES and a bunch of adoring girls including PEGGY SUE and TAMMY.

LUCY, a black teenager, approaches the school building to enrol and is ridiculed by the students. The other students and the Principal, IRVING, tell her to get off the school grounds as she has no right to be there. ANNIE goes to stand up for LUCY but is held back by JESS who wants to protect ANNIE.


ANNIE runs home, pursued by JESS, and complains to her father, COLLINS, about the treatment of LUCY and the fact that JESS seemingly stood by and just let it happen. COLLINS is afraid of being seen as a trouble maker in his new town if he supports his daughter’s outspoken opinions.


LUCY and ANNIE are refused service by HENRY at the drug store in front of the gang. The WILD ONES are affronted that LUCY even thought about entering the store. They plan to tar and feather in order to teach her a lesson…

LUCY is explaining her actions to her Grandpa JOE, when she is set upon and chased by the WILD ONES. The WILD ONES chase her into the bushes and JESS finds her. In order to protect LUCY, JESS does not tell anybody of his find.

After WAYNE does not find LUCY, he takes his frustrations out on JOE and his watermelon cart. Under peer pressure from WAYNE, JESS reluctantly takes part as well.


LUCY thanks JESS and they arrange to meet each other. They meet beside a river that evening PEGGY SUE, spying, sees them together. PEGGY SUE reports her news back to the WILD ONES. They ambush LUCY and JESS. JESS is hurt while LUCY escapes.

JESS comes knocks on the doors of three houses. At the first two he is refused entry. At the third, JOE opens the door and offers sanctuary for JESS. MAMIE, JOE’s wife and WAYNE’s ex-Nanny, tells Wayne and the gang off.

COLLINS tells JESS that he and ANNIE are moving to another town. ANNIE and LUCY enter the school and this time Principal IRVING lets LUCY enrol. She has won her battle thanks to her courage and help from her good samaritans, JESS and ANNIE.