Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 19

Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 19

“The Gardener” Biblical Palestine.


JESS, a traveller heading for Jerusalem, is weary after days on the road. He is chased by some bullying Roman soldiers including MAXIMUS.

On the run from the Romans, he stumbles in on a wedding in Cana.

JESS meets BEKKY, 12 years old, and finds out that JESUS, a guest at the wedding, has apparently turned the guests’ water into wine. BECKY introduces JESS to JESUS.

JESUS suggests that JESS should follow him as a disciple. JESS is uncertain as he has just met JESUS.

JESS travels to JERUSALEM and takes up a job as gardener for JOSEPH, BEKKY’s father.

On their way back to Jerusalem from delivering a letter to JESUS in Bethany, JESS and BECKY are accosted by MAXIMUS, the Roman Guard. BECKY tells JESS and MAXIMUS of JESUS’ miracles that she had witnessed – the loaves and the fishes; and how JESUS made her walk on water.


MAXIMUS is arrogant and dismissive. JESS is also doubtful and accuses BECKY of having a crush on JESUS.

JESS buys a new coat with the bonus JOSEPH has given him.

JESS visits the temple and witnesses JESUS overturning tables angrily.

JESUS enters Bethlehem on a donkey with the crowds tearing off branches before him. BEKKY tells JESS to come and join the crowds. JESS misunderstands, seeing JESUS as the one who will defeat the Romans by force. JESS is frustrated by JESUS’ pacifism when he expects him to lead a violent revolution against the Romans.


At Gethsamene, JESUS is betrayed and arrested. JESS tries to stop the arrest, wielding a Scyth, but, again to JESS’ frustration, JESUS does not resist.

JESUS is crucified and his body put in a cave and guarded by Roman soldiers, including MAXIMUS. JESS is disillusioned, angry that JESUS did not put up more of a fight.

JESS is in his shack sleeping when, at dawn, he is awoken by a flash of brilliant light. JESS investigates and finds MAXIMUS crying. MAXIMUS tells him that he saw JESUS rising from the dead. MAXIMUS tells JESS that he does not want to be a soldier anymore.

JESS gives MAXIMUS his coat. MAXIMUS is transformed by events as is Jess. Love has changed them both.