Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 20

Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 20

“Grieving Las Vegas” Las Vegas, present day


JESS watches TOMMY LOVE and his two backing vocalists performing in a small night club in Las Vegas. TOMMY croons his schmaltzy songs to a few patrons who are unreceptive and disinterested. JESS, a new stage hand, is enthusiastic about the show as is DARLENE, TOMMY’s number one fan. The set includes his only hit, a song written 10 years ago for his baby daughter, APRIL.

After the show, TOMMY takes JESS out for a meal at a Mexican restaurant run by his friends, PEPE and CONCHITA. JESS seems in awe of TOMMY and a friendship develops.

One night, JESS babysits APRIL. JESS gets on well with APRIL and finds out that she does all the cooking and cleaning around the house.

JESS is curious and researches TOMMY’s history at the library. He finds out that TOMMY’s wife, TRACEY, had been found comatose in his hotel bedroom, recovered and then vanished from the public eye.

APRIL visits her mother at the Rehabilitation clinic but TOMMY waits outside in his car.


TOMMY is heckled by a drunk at his show. He dedicates a song to the drunk’s girlfriend and a fight ensues.

TOMMY is fired from the club. TOMMY is unrepentant and says he was wasting his talent at the club anyway. APRIL is concerned about where the next pay cheque will come from.

DARLENE moves in with TOMMY and APRIL cannot stand her. Things come to a head when DARLENE shows APRIL her engagement ring – TOMMY and DARLENE plan to marry. APRIL runs outside and is hit by a car.


TOMMY and TRACEY visit APRIL in the clinic. She is badly injured, attached to a life support machine. Seeing her daughter so pale brings TRACEY out of herself and, as APRIL’s health improves, so does TRACEY’s.

TOMMY treats JESS to a listening of his new song ‘Immortality,’ about APRIL and her accident. He also tells JESS that TRACEY is coming back to live with them.

The media lap up the story about APRIL’s accident and ‘Immortality’ goes to number one. Reporters hang outside TOMMY’s apartment on APRIL’s return home. TOMMY never arrives but sends a signed photograph to APRIL.

TOMMY has abandoned them. TRACEY and APRIL are determined to make it by themselves.