Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 25

Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 25

“God on our Side” Tribal


The Mali have been at war with the Dujane for generations. Each party thinks that God is on their side.

FARIN is appointed by both sides to end the war. With him are LIAM, who one day hopes to be a peacekeeper and JESS, a servant. Peace talks are taking place in Golgoroth, stronghold of the Malis. FARIN is very intolerant of LIAM.


On the day of the peace talks, the MALI KING enters the chamber, helped by his son TARUS. There is an uproar from the Malis who see it as an insult and sacrilege that a woman, CARA, has been chosen as Dujane spokesperson. There is shouting and fist waving between the two sides, particularly from rivals IXUS and DRUDA.

CALAN, a young autistic son of the Malis king, enters the chamber as the council is in uproar. The Mali king declares peace with the Dujane. The two sides agree to surrender the thing most valuable to them within seven days.

Back in Dujane, FARIN and the boys are ready to take the Dujane offering of gold to the Malis when they see TARUS and CALAN riding in on a horse. TARUS explains that the Mali’s offering is the Mali king’s son, CALAN. DRUDA is offended by the offering and tells the guards to imprison TARUS and CALAN.


The two sides once more look destined for war but LIAM has a plan.

CARA slips something into the drink of the GAOLER and releases TARUS. JESS and LIAM ride with TARUS to Golgoroth.


In response to a letter, the leaders of both sides meet at the Battlefield where there are gathered all the children from both Mali and Dujane. CARA explains to her father that his gold was an insufficient present and that the Mali king had given up his most precious possession, his son.

LIAM explains that he has brought the children here to be killed now as this is what will eventually happen if the war starts again. The leaders decide on peace and FARIN is proud of LIAM.
Peace reigns between the two sides and JESS is invited back for the wedding between CARA and TARUS.