Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 13


Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 13

“Do Unto Others” 1856, “The Frontier”


A gang of teenagers made up of TULLY, BIFFO, PIG, ANNIE and JESS are causing a ruckus outside LAO FONG’s shop.

KAI, the 10 year old grandson of LAO, approaches. TULLY, BIFFO and PIG bully and push KAI. Concerned about KAI, but on a pretence of joining in, JESS picks up the youngster and deposits him in a big hanging basket. He then leads the others away from the situation towards the Dockside market place.


TULLY suggests blackmailing LAO FONG; LAO will be forced to pay in order to keep the gang off his back. JESS disagrees with the tactics and is hit hard by BIFFO with a stick. KAI and LAO attend to JESS’ injuries.

The next day, TULLY, BIFFO and PIG destroy part of the shop while LAO looks on impassively. JESS tries to reason with them but to no avail.


JESS, LAO and KAI work together to mend the shop.

While in town, TULLY, BIFFO and PIG put the offer of ‘Protection’ to LAO again. Upon LAO’s refusal they threaten action against KAI. The gang follows LAO to the shop and a fight ensues between TULLY’s gang and JESS. Although beaten, TULLY says he will make amends in his own time.

JESS confronts the gang outside the shop with kerosene containers in their hands. JESS offers to be a gopher for TULLY if he spares the shop and leaves LAO and KAI alone.


TULLY refuses and ties up KAI and JESS. ANNIE intercepts LAO on the way home and warns him of the attack.

In a rage, TULLY pours kerosene on the shop and at the captives’ feet. Despite protests from BIFFO and PIG, TULLY lights a match.

Some timbers fall and knock TULLY unconscious inside the shop, also blocking the door. BIFFO and PIG flee the scene but LAO alone risks his life by saving TULLY. ANNIE saves JESS and KAI by sweeping a gap in the Kerosene trail.

TULLY and the gang apologise and thank LAO. TULLY shakes JESS’ hand. TULLY, the violent boy, is saved by a man of peace.