Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 15

Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 15

“David and Mr G” New York, present day


SAUL, a widower, owns a delicatessen in Brooklyn, New York. Helping him around the deli are his daughters MYRTLE, 17 years, and MAUD, 10 years.

Hired help includes a 17 year old dishwasher, David, and a hot headed chef, CARLOS.

JESS, delivering vegetables to the deli, tells SAUL that he is about to be laid off due to the depression. His timing is immaculate as FRANK, a lazy kitchen hand, quits his job after being caught sleeping at work. SAUL offers JESS the job.


DAVID, a very able a baseball pitcher, tells JESS his dreams about playing professional baseball. MYRTLE is dismissive of DAVID and his dreams to SAUL. DAVID overhears their conversation.

Two hard looking hoods, MR G and his boss PHIL, barge in and demand a meal after closing. They threaten SAUL and demand 15% of his takings.

SAUL explains the situation to his staff and they agree to take a cut in their wages. DAVID thinks that they should stand up to MR G and PHIL but SAUL is scared of repercussions.


The wages are reinstated after CARLOS translates a 25% cut in his wages to a 25% cut in the food that he is able to prepare.

SAUL hocks his wedding ring in order to pay the hoods their money. MYRTLE is once again dismissive of DAVID, telling MAUDE that he will never amount to anything.

DAVID stands up to MR G. MR G starts to trash the kitchen while DAVID hides. MR G goes looking for DAVID. DAVID pitches a potato right between MR G’s eyes. DAVID then stands above MR G and threatens him with a heavy brass weight. MR G gets the message and leaves.


PHIL visits the deli, asking who the potato slinger was. DAVID admits to it. PHIL’s HENCHMEN lead DAVID away to a baseball pitch. SAUL’s family and workers follow DAVID and PHIL to the pitch, deeply concerned for DAVID’s wellbeing.

Phil says that he admired the way DAVID stood up to MR. G. Phil has fallen out with MR G, saying that MR. G was dishonest with him and others. MR G wants DAVID to be included in his baseball team and says that he will also contribute funds to keep Saul’s kitchen afloat. MYRTLE goes to the pictures with DAVID and SAUL gets his ring back.