Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 16


Revelations (The Initial Journey) – Plot Synopsis – Episode 16

“A Mess of Pottage” 450 B.C, the Middle East


JESS is walking along a path when he is attacked by tribesmen.

ESAU, an athletic and hairy hunter, comes to his rescue.

JESS is introduced to Esau’s twin brother JACOB, his twelve old sister HALAR, his mother REBEKAH, and frail father, ISSAC.


JESS hears that HALAR, REBEKAH and JACOB are tired of ESAU and ISAAC’s nomadic lifestyle and wish to settle down.

An argument ensues between ESAU and JACOB when ESAU suggests they follow ISAAC’s instructions and move on. JACOB says that he should have been the first born so that he could insist the family stay put.

ESAU goes on a hunting trip. He falls into a gully and is taken prisoner by enemy tribesmen. JESS and JACOB search for ESAU and help him escape.


After the escape, JESS cooks a mess of Pottage. ESAU is famished and JACOB decides not to give him the food until he renounces his birthright. ESAU reluctantly agrees.

On returning home, HALAR is shocked by the way in which JACOB went about winning the birthright from ESAU. ISAAC refuses to accept JACOB’s claim.

ISAAC sees a bright light and thinks it is the Angel of Death. He summons Esau to prepare for the tribal ritual of handing over power to the first born. ESAU must hunt a deer and bring it back for a meal.


REBEKAH schemes to make ISAAC transfer the birthright to JACOB instead of ESAU,

Although HALAR would prefer JACOB as leader, she is uncomfortable about tricking ESAU and ISAAC.

JACOB kills two goats and REBEKAH wraps the skins around JACOB’s arms. JACOB wears ESAU’s clothes and enters ISAAC’s tent. Although suspicious of his voice, ISAAC is deceived by ISAAC’s ‘ESAU’ disguise. ISAAC mistakingly hands over the birthright to JACOB.

ESAU returns with the deer to ISSAC, only to hear the news that he has been tricked. A fight develops and it is when this happens that ISAAC dies.

JACOB rules the tribe. ESAU continues to wander with HALAH remaining loyal by his side.