The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Plot Synopsis – Book Three: The Secret of Killimooin

The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Plot Synopsis – Book Three: The Secret of Killimooin



Charlotte accompanies Thaddeus on a lecture tour – where Thaddeus is revealing exciting details of a recent natural world discovery which has been made into a rare species – the Malucu Devil Spider. the entire event is suddenly disrupted by the unexpected intrusion of sinister men – eventually revealed to be led by the enigmatic Block, who for some unknown reason has stolen the spider and transported it to a mysterious destination…

Meanwhile, staying in the Killimooin mountains on holiday- in the heart of Baronia – is a wonderful experience for the children.

However, unknown to them, deep in the magical forest lives Clovis Monk, a deranged recluse and genius scientist who has aspirations to dominate the world.


Charlotte is kidnapped by Block and taken to Baronia. Whilst Thaddeus is rescuing her he is bitten by a spider.

Meanwhile, back at Killimooin Lodge, Laura is captured by some guards. The other children try to rescue her but get caught on camera and are trapped by one of Clovis Monk’s traps.

The children manage to escape and rescue Laura. They discover that Barney, the Prince¹s bodyguard, is working for Clovis Monk. Charlotte discovers that Clovis is planning to make a world of living dead and that she is the first victim (Monk is her enemy after she exposed him in a newspaper investigation years before).


After Charlotte is captured by Block and held prisoner in the centre of the mountain range, the children discover that the maniacal and evil Clovis Monk plans to preserve Charlotte alive in embalming fluid. Thaddeus, who has set off in search of Charlotte, is reunited with the children and together they are captured…

In a thrilling climax to the adventure, Thaddeus and the children escape and outwit Clovis, Block and their gang. Charlotte is rescued – and Thaddeus is given the antidote to save him from the spider bite. Good has won the day and Clovis Monk’s plans are foiled.