The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Plot Synopsis – Book Five: The Secret Mountain

The Enid Blyton Secret Series – Plot Synopsis – Book Five: The Secret Mountain



As part of the honeymoon celebrations the children accompany Thaddeus and Charlotte to Africa where they attempt to visit an ancient temple.

No matter how hard they try the group are constantly pulled towards a mysterious mountain which seems to possess strange powers…

Laura has a strange encounter with the mystical bird woman who appears to be protecting her – but from what?

The magnetic force of the mountain temporarily breaks Thaddeus¹ compass and the group settle down to camp for the night. After a surprise attack by the inhabitants of the mountain, Thaddeus and Charlotte are kidnapped..


The group¹s native guides are convinced that the legendary evil spirits of the mountain are responsible for the kidnap and the children desperately attempt to rescue Thaddeus and Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Ruby has tried to go on ahead of the group but has got herself, Prince (the dog) and the car stuck in the mud. She attempts to send Prince away for help…

The children are also captured and held prisoner by a mysterious tribe of Silverskulls within the mountain. All concerned are devastated when Laura takes the place of a child goddess to preside over the apparent sacrifice of Thaddeus…


The danger is thwarted by Peggy seemingly Œcausing¹ an eclipse of the moon which convinces the high priestess to set the family free – but not before a thrilling chase by the Silverskulls.

The family finally elude their pursuers and are reunited with Ruby – and the marriage celebrations are concluded. Thaddeus has a new wife – Charlotte a new husband – the children a new mother – and everyboidy is delighted.