Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 8

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 8



DORSEY works feverishly trying to locate the ALIENS.

The ALIEN ship is caught in a spider’s web in the Vermont’s Garden.

There will be an election to replace the missing Editor. GILES is nominated. But by who? – could SABRINA really have nominated him just so she’d have someone easy to beat? GILES decides not to stand but JET convinces him he can’t quit. Besides. OCTAVIA is extremely impressed that GILES is running for the job.

DOROTHY doesn’t want GILES to blow his big chance – he’s got a tradition of no-hoping to continue. She takes him to therapy with DR LEGGZ.


SABRINA blackmails VIOLET. If she doesn’t get help with her campaign then SABRINA will stop supplying VIOLET with the stylie clothes.

GILES finds himself in a no-win situation. If he stands he loses.. if he doesn’t he loses.
SABRINA commandeers the cheerleadering squad for her election campaign, while MRS VERMONT commandeers her husband’s platoon.

The SPIDER approaches the ALIENS. They’re scared. At the last moment they are saved when VERMONT’s stick slashes the spider’s web.


GILES decides to stay in the election, but the outlook is dismal. OCTAVIA is depressed. CMDR VERMONT cheers her up by helping with GILES campaign. They employ bribery and other devious tactics. On election day, GILES is neck n neck with SABRINA.

OCTAVIA admits that she was the one that nominated GILES for Editor of the school website. GILES is stunned.

JOSH as the SILVER LINING guards the ballot boxes – but not very well.

Time to count the votes. BEANIE casts the deciding vote. GILES wins!! And so without his knowing, GILES becomes a mole for THE AGENCY…