Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 7

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 7

The ALIENs are buzzing.


A veiled ANTONIA mourns ANTONY’s departure. So does SOPHIE.

The ALIENS activate their ‘last distress signal’, which in turn activates DORSEY’s blinker. CMDR VERMONT and his platoon also pick up on the distress signal.

SOPHIE tries to activate her poltergeist to get back at ANTONIA for driving ANTONY away. But the poltergeist is ghostly quiet.


BEANIE steals round things that look like flying saucers.

The ALIENS find themselves in the garbage. DORSEY and CMDR VERMONT try to track the signal discreetly. The fly buzzes off.

GILES finds BEANIE stealing the hubcaps off a police car. OFFICER COSTELLO is excited – an actual crime. GILES is taken away to be locked up.

OCTAVIA uses her brilliance to conclude that there is a logical explanation for GILES jailing. JOSH is hellbent on solving the crime and exposing GILES for the true criminal he is.

The platoon blow their opportunity to get the ALIENS.


JET explains the concept of jail to BEANIE. They have to get GILES out.

OCTAVIA gives her sympathy to DOROTHY re GILES. GRAMPA’s got a plan to get GILES out.

Sherlock JOSH tries to find GILES’s hubcap thief accomplices. HELLS BIKERS– of course!

GRAMPA knits GILES a cake containing a vast assortment of electrical implements to break out. There’s just one problem – no power socket.

OCTAVIA convinces the shoes that GILES is useful. She’s not developing “feelings” for him, is she?

OFFICER COSTELLO is devastated when the Hexagon orders him to release the hubcap criminal, GILES. He watches as the limelight pans to another cop who has arrested COMMANDER VERMONT.

JOSH finally locates the HELLS BIKERS – and is beaten up once again. GILES is free!!