Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 6

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 6



The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON have washed up on the beach.

In spite of the success of last episode’s Romeo and Juliet GILES is back to square one. He is not fitting in at Atlantis High.

ANTONIA gets a break-up note from ANTONY. ANTONY confides to GILES that ANTONIA is doing his head in – literally. GILES wants to help them/her/him/it by splitting them up. He convinces ANTONY that he needs to leave Sunset Cove. This upsets SOPHIE and her pal.

JOSH is advertising his Silver Hotline. He has no new messages.


Q tells OCTAVIA that her father knows more than he thinks.

DORSEY has not heard from the aliens for a week. He despairs.

The Beach Volley Ball final is held. Cheerleader ANTONIA is upset. GILES, JET, BEANIE and DON try to console her with food.

Meanwhile the miniaturised spaceship on the beach has been picked up by the volley ball. The aliens are thrown back and forth.

Back at the Vermont’s residence DOROTHY has found an old photo of MRS. VERMONT. Unbeknownst to her she is being watched.


The pizza takes too long to order so GILES and the gang decide to take ANTONIA shopping. SOPHIE, still upset at ANTONY’s departure, causes a gust of wind that picks up the volley ball (with the aliens) and flings it at SABRINA’s bikini bottom. SABRINA now has an annoying itch and goes to get some cream.

OCTAVIA is caught and sent to the store for cigars.

GILES and co. arrive at the store to find crazed ANTONY with a dangerous frozen chicken. Everyone is hostage. The store owner secretly dials the Silver Lining. The aliens distress signal is operating again, attracting the attention of DORSEY and VERMONT.

GILES convinces ANTONY that if he changes to ANTONIA then he will not be arrested. A fly bugs SABRINA and it picks up the aliens.

The military storm the supermarket hoping to trace the signal. JOSH the superhero makes a smashing appearance… a tad too late.

ANTONY is sent off in to the sunset by a farewell party… that includes ANTONIA… ??!!