Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 5

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 5



GILES is thrilled – he has two friends at his new school.

GRAMPA notices a lot of strange military people digging up the ground. But the big news of the day is Atlantis High’s forthcoming production; ‘Romeo and Juliet’. GILES would give anything to play Romeo and impress OCTAVIA.

The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON are lost inside KISSINGER-THE-DOG.

VIOLET appoints COACH SHANE to direct the school production. Casting begins. SOPHIE wants ANTONY to audition for Romeo, so she can be Juliet. SABRINA recoils at the idea – as if. GILES auditions but the competition is tough – JOSH in particular. VIOLET realises that the play’s violence will need to be toned down for the sponsor’s sake. She asks GILES to butcher the script.


Both DORSEY and VERMONT’s camp are separately tracking the aliens signal. They are followed by AGENCY operatives who are followed by LEW SIFFER, who is followed by KISSINGER-THE-DOG (and the aliens).

OCTAVIA reports to Q. He wants her to find out the meaning of the extraterrestrial messages they’ve detected.

JET explains the concept of love to BEANIE. Someone mistakes them for boyfriend and girlfriend. Me thinks JET doth protest too much.

COACH SHANE tells JOSH the game plan. JOSH will be Romeo, but SABRINA can’t be Juliet – she’d steal the spotlight and that’d be a major downer. GILES is scathing of the decision. ANTONIA arrives late and finds ANTONY gone. She sobs and gets the part of Juliet.


The aliens are on the move inside the dog. They surface again in the Vermont’s Garden, are trodden on by CMDR. VERMONT, then hosed off and white water raft down the sewer.
GILES delivers the condensed play. He is now worried about the audience and OCTAVIA’s reaction to the 15 minute Shakespeare.

DON’s backstage ladder trips up JOSH. Who will now play Romeo? VIOLET, DOROTHY and GRAMPA attempt to convince GILES that he is the man for the job. Meanwhile, it seems that ANTONY has upset ANTONIA so much that she can’t go on and play Juliet.

GILES is pushed on stage to see OCTAVIA playing the part of JULIET. He is thrilled. The play ends happily with a wedding, and the audience applaud the author. Success at last?