Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 4


Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 4



OCTAVIA has orders to eliminate GILES, who is now terrified of going to school. DOROTHY thinks she knows why – it’s hot and he’ll have to wear skimpies. But there’s no getting out of it.

Aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA, and XERON, hurtle towards Earth in their spaceship.

GILES confides in JET – OCTAVIA wants him dead, but JET dismisses the idea. BEANIE is intrigued by JET’s frisbee. She relents and lets him keep it. While GILES avoids the sinister OCTAVIA, he learns that BEANIE lives in the Boiler Room. JET is way impressed. They discover BEANIE has been at Atlantis High for a long time. But for how long?


A HUNK pleads with SABRINA not to dump him. She gets GILES to video the scene and has the HUNK do a retake, but dumps him anyway. The HUNK sobs buckets. This merely reinforces another of JET’s conspiracy theories; shallow relationships are encouraged by tissue manufacturers to boost profits.

DORSEY scans the sky, while OCTAVIA spies on him. She reports back to her mysterious employer, using a mysterious code.

GILES and JET check out BEANIE’s files. He’s been in the same grade for 36 years! And if he doesn’t pass his exams this year then he’s out. JET and GILES must help him. But how? OCTAVIA catches GILES unawares – and she has a knife!


With ANTONY’s assistance, ANTONIA, GILES, and JET sneak into the Principal’s Office to steal the exam answers. To GILES surprise, OCTAVIA doesn’t eliminate him, but wants to share a hobby instead.

DORSEY readies for the aliens, and plants a landing beacon in his back garden. OCTAVIA watches him.

BEANIE takes the exam disk and instantly memorises the answers. Mid-class both he and DORSEY begin to act very strangely.

CMDR VERMONT and his men track a strange signal, as the aliens make their descent. But something’s wrong – and the aliens are miniaturising!! The power runs out.. and the beacon shuts down. The Alien Spaceship is lost.. in KISSINGER-THE-DOG’s yawn.