Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 3

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 3



GILES is miraculously washed ashore. Not that the medics care; they’re busy reviving a rich old man who’s fallen victim to SABRINA. While GILES recovers, DOROTHY tells him he probably imagined the whole OCTAVIA-periscope incident. Afterall it’s a confusing time; shifting to a new school… etc. When GRANDPA starts up about mysterious DENNIS, DOROTHY abruptly ends the conversation.

A new school day, sponsored by Reb-elz Coolwear (R.C.). JOSH asks OCTAVIA out. She declines; they’re too different. He likes comic-book superheroes whereas she prefers reality. JOSH defends the fight against evil but OCTAVIA tells him he wouldn’t know evil if it walked up and bit him.

GILES is shocked by OCTAVIA’s aloof attitude. He nearly drowned trying to save her! She denies all knowledge of the periscope.


R.C. Marketing Director, MR LEW SIFFER announces the upcoming launch of the new line. SABRINA models the range. ANTONIA’s sold. It must be cool if SABRINA’s wearing it. As LEW SIFFER outlines the correct way of wearing R.C., GILES, pestering OCTAVIA about a periscope, disrupts assembly and is promptly sent to VIOLET’s office. Meanwhile, JOSH is on a quest to find ‘evil’.

COACH SHANE has an idea.

ANTONIA pleads with SABRINA to let her wear the R.C, but SABRINA says no. She fumes at GILES for stealing her scene.


JOSH continues his search for ‘evil’. ANTONIA, JET and ANTONY are no help. SOPHIE suggests the ultimate evil channel. MR DORSEY has the aliens observing earth costumes through the Science Room TV. JOSH and SOPHIE steal in and switch to ultimate evil channel (sponsored by R.C); they see evil people that look like beekeepers. The aliens use their matter-generating module to get R.C.

GILES skips class to talk to someone, but the only person available is BEANIE. DOROTHY’s worried to see her son with the weird kid. She gives GILES a card for therapist, DR. LEGGZ.
JOSH, the superhero, combats evil bee-keepers.

JET tells GILES her conspiracy theories about R.C., and toasters. GILES is sent to the guidance counsellor. MR QUENTIN tells GILES; “if the cap fits wear it”. GILES takes it as a sign to embrace R.C. Happy at last, he heads for the Launch. But SABRINA is horrified. She doesn’t want to look like GILES. The launch is ruined. And if that isn’t bad enough, GILES learns that OCTAVIA has a secret!