Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 25

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 25



GILES asks OCTAVIA to the school prom.

Ratings for SOPHIE’s show are low. SOPHIE and VIOLET need a story.

ANTONIA is gagged and bound as DORSEY makes contact with his superior. The GENERAL tells DORSEY that he must find the object represented by the A.H. symbol and then he will have the key to the portal. SOPHIE enters his house as DORSEY runs off to search. SOPHIE sees ANTONIA tied up. ANTONIA gives SOPHIE the end-of-the-world prophecy document in exchange for setting her free.


The prophecy is interpreted to say that the world will be destroyed if a pair of illicit lovers don’t split up. It also mentions frogs falling out of the sky. SOPHIE decides to choose GILES and OCTAVIA as the boy and girl in question.

BEANIE investigates cheeseburgers as ancestors. GILES and OCTAVIA learn of the prophecy on a TV report. On their way to the studio they are intercepted by a media frenzy.

SILVER LINING agrees to join the dark side. BAD MOOD makes him place a potato up the exhaust of a police car.

An upset JET walks out on BEANIE and his obsessive behaviour.

A baying crowd outside GILES’ house are hounding him and OCTAVIA: “Split them up!” OCTAVIA demands the media show her the actual prophecy so they can put it to public scrutiny. A baked potato rains from the heavens… another sign?


SILVER LINING feels like he has done good, in a bad way, but BAD MOOD cuffs him and says she’ll see him at the prom.

CMDR VERMONT, distraught that the end of the world is nigh, has flashbacks to images of Big D and Callie in a car. CMDR VERMONT agrees to take DOROTHY to the prom, with her dressed in the prom dress. They both flashback to images of the prom dress, and jeans.

DON counsels a distraught JET. BEANIE agrees to stop thinking too much about his past and to start living in the present with JET.

OCTAVIA calls the prophecy a sham. The two figures could be anyone, and they didn’t mention the falling frogs part of the prophecy. SOPHIE is distraught. And then things start to fall from the sky. Frogs legs for dinner anyone?