Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 23

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 23



OCTAVIA despises GILES for getting involved in the mob, but DOROTHY is pleased and whips up some home cooking for MR NITE.

JOSH still takes OCTAVIA’s bad mood as being literal, while BEANIE tries to come out of the closet to everyone to say he’s an alien. ANTONIA’s crush on DORSEY blooms. VIOLET has a plan to get the school back from the Mob. But will DORSEY loan her the money?

DOROTHY shows CMDR VERMONT proof that he’s the ‘Big D’. CMDR VERMONT denies it, but there’s only one sure way to find out…

GILES’ INNER CHILD is proud; his very own boy’s gonna be a made guy. But GILES wants to quit. He’s feeling bad about OCTAVIA.

BEANIE researches his alien identity. But he’s researching fictional aliens that don’t exist. BEANIE is scared. What if he’s a fictional alien that doesn’t exist?

Big Boss, CONSTANTINE, is going to make GILES a made guy. GILES rejects the offer… and signs his own death warrant.


CMDR VERMONT and DOROTHY break into the Hells Biker HQ, and unleash the jeans. CMDR VERMONT tries them on. They fit!! GRAMPA smells trouble when DOROTHY returns. Where has she been?! GRAMPA can’t boss her around; she’s not his little girl any more. But was she ever a little girl??

GILES wakes to an unpleasant surprise from the Mob. While GILES’s feet are stuck in cement, his INNER CHILD splits.

DORSEY will lend VIOLET the money to buy back the school if she does him a favour. VITA is overjoyed at VIOLET’s return.

GRAMPA is the Grand Papa! He rarks up the HELLS BIKERS for letting someone sneak in and try on ‘Big D’s jeans. They all know how dangerous it would be if the truth got out…


Bad Mood and Silver Lining appear on SOPHIE’s show. The moral is clear good is good and bad is bad.

GILES and OCTAVIA make-up, then break-up. So OCTAVIA thinks he’s a nerd, and has a crush on a dumb superhero, does she?

DORSEY and VIOLET pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. ANTONIA is distraught. She works feverishly to try and solve the Lost City of Atlantis mystery for him. She finds a clue with a riddle inscribed. An H and an A will show the way.

GILES, JET and BEANIE try to find BEANIE’s true identity. They find a picture of BEANIE standing near a big H. What could it mean?