Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 22

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 22



DOROTHY quizzes GRAMPA about her past. GRAMPA is evasive.

The charming MR NITE appoints VITA as the new school principal. She imposes standards of educational excellence. The students are shocked.

MR NITE is impressed with GILES; he offers to teach him the Business. But first he sends GILES on an errand …

BEANIE tries to be human, but it’s freaking JET out.

GILES is finding out more about the mob all the time. OCTAVIA encourages him, thinking that he is ‘Silver Lining’ undercover.

SOPHIE appoints herself Teen-Moral Counsellor, and unemployed VIOLET smells a money-making scheme.

ANTONIA finds Excalibur in the stone. DON helps her remove it.


JET can’t take any more of BEANIE trying to act human. DORSEY isn’t impressed with ANTONIA’s find. He only cares about the Lost City of Atlantis.

VIOLET will manage SOPHIE’s career as a chat-show-advice teen-queen. For a cut in the profits of course.

There’s a spy chopper overhead, and a lot of paranoid pilgrims with secrets.


GILES and OCTAVIA go to dinner at BEANIE and JET’s. But JET’s annoyed at BEANIE’s behaviour. She doesn’t want to live in a sit-com! While GILES and OCTAVIA wait for the mob’s delivery, OCTAVIA spots the ‘Silver Lining’.. so it can’t be GILES!! She’s horrified that GILES is working for the mob for real not undercover.

They argue and break up. GILES delivers the package, and MR NITE reveals a darker side. He doesn’t even like VITA. VITA overhears, and is devastated.

JOSH finds OCTAVIA in a Bad Mood. Bad Mood? Is OCTAVIA trying to tell him what he thinks she’s trying to tell him? No. But JOSH puts two and two together anyway. SOPHIE hosts her very own chat-show. DOROTHY finds the prom gown from the photo. CMDR VERMONT returns, and sees her in the dress. He is terrified and confused. It’s happening again!!