Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 20

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 20



After OCTAVIA helped bust BEANIE out of hospital, she helps GILES get JET and BEANIE to Las Vegas so they can get married.

They stay at a hotel called, ‘Lost City of Atlantis’ which also happens to be where the Atlantis High class field trip is staying. For ANTONIA and DORESEY this means more Atlantis investigations.

DOROTHY pesters GRAMPA to say who BIG D was. GRAMPA won’t say.

CMDR VERMONT is dazed and confused at the news from OCTAVIA about his past, or lack there of.

ANTONIA convinces DORSEY to go under disguise to find out more about Atlantis. He adopts a 007-ish persona.


Q recruits SOPHIE to help with the agency’s mission.

VIOLET attacks the gaming tables, but gets on a losing streak.

The wedding party wait in the waiting room of the chapel. OCTAVIA tells JET she thinks GILES is the Silver Lining.

JOSH gets a call telling him that Bad Mood has attacked again.

DOROTHY attempts to bribe GRAMPA out of silence with an apple pie. But GRAMPA has escaped so that he can talk to MRS VERMONT.

BEANIE thinks that marrying JET will be his first step to becoming normal. GILES tries to convince him that he only needs to be himself.

JOSH discovers that the other Bad Mood is a woman.


VIOLET’s losing streak continues, whereas DORSEY is on a roll. VIOLET strikes a deal with the casino owner and bets Atlantis High on the roulette wheel. She loses the school.

ELVIS marries JET and BEANIE.

The Silver Lining comes face to face with Bad Mood. There is a mutual attraction, but Bad Mood pulls away at the last minute.

OCTAVIA tells GILES that she no longer knows who her father and mother are. GILES feels guilty as he discovered the manilla envelope information with SABRINA. OCTAVIA leaves to find herself.

JET and BEANIE begin their honeymoon under the real moon.