Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 2

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 2



As GILES recollects his fleeting moment of passion with OCTAVIA, a spaceship of mice-munching aliens are watching his every move.

BEANIE gets a helping hand/eye as he passes through SHANE and VIOLET’S cool detector at school. ANTONY and ANTONIA have broken up. GILES gets a dismal cool rating from the detector, but at least OCTAVIA wasn’t there to see… he spoke too soon, as she has arrived. His miracle arrives when SOPHIE’s poltergeist is offended by ANTONY and causes havoc.

ANTONY and ANTONIA, separately of course, involve reluctant GILES in their relationship issues. BEANIE has been sketching showerheads again. GILES and JOSH squabble over who will pick up OCTAVIA’S dropped textbook. OCTAVIA spurns JOSH’S advances and hopes to see GILES at the beach party. But the beach is a horror to GILES. And is he sexy enough for her?


In science class GILES is the only one able to verbally answer MR DORSEY’S question as to which one species can consciously alter it’s appearance to attract a mate. DOROTHY advises GILES to get in touch with his INNER CHILD to solve his attitude towards his body. This leads GILES to consider letting go of his younger self and move on. SOPHIE’S temper and poltergeist appear when GILES tells her that ANTONY does not like her.


COACH SHANE gives GILES a bottle of pills to help him in his quest for a decent body. But his body is a temple. JET offers to swap the pills for some of her own additives. GILES relents and takes her ointment, which promises he will look “great”. He rubs it on his chest, but it doesn’t seem to work. Meanwhile JET gets pumped up after taking the pills she gained in the exchange. Beach party day arrives but GILES can’t go topless with a “green” chest! INNER CHILD suggests he take OCTAVIA elsewhere.

GILES is looking for OCTAVIA when DOROTHY exits from her “cleaning job” at the Vermont’s house. That’s odd. MRS VERMONT says she is already at the beach. GILES faces his fear and goes to the beach party. JOSH and ANTONY tease him about wearing a shirt, so he takes it off wishing for super powers. They all laugh at his green chest, but at least OCTAVIA wasn’t there to see the teasing… then he spies her out to sea. Is she in trouble? GILES, a non-swimmer, paddles to rescue her in an inflatable.

OCTAVIA is nowhere to be seen in the sea. Has she been eaten by twin sharks? A periscope with OCTAVIA’S eye in it appears then punctures GILES’ inflatable. GILES can’t swim! MR DORSEY watches from the beach – he wants to tell his side of the story.