Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 19

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 19



JOSH is startled by reports of ‘Bad Mood’ stealing women’s lingerie. Can he commit crimes without his knowledge?

JET and GILES must save BEANIE. But the hospital is only letting in emergencies! JET fakes a contagious disease. But Soldier RODRIGUEZ isn’t falling for that old line.

Meanwhile, OCTAVIA ponders how she’s going to a) make GILES speak to her again and b) get her father to release BEANIE. The manilla envelope catches her eye… She strikes a deal with SABRINA. If OCTAVIA stops SOPHIE’s vamping then SABRINA’ll keep quiet about the envelope.


JET and GILES continue to fake injuries. They seize their chance when SOPHIE reaches ‘R’ in her phonebook vampathon.

Concerned about his mental state, Silver Lining visits DR LEGGZ.

The manilla envelope leads OCTAVIA to the Hells Biker Retirement Community. DOROTHY has arrived already. HELLS BIKER reveals Cassie and Callie were sisters, and the Big D was the daddy of them all. The only thing he left behind was a pair of intoxicating jeans.

GILES and JET disguise themselves as doctors, but are spotted and herded towards the operating theatre.

JOSH checks his closet for womens’ lingerie.

SOPHIE reaches the last name in the phonebook; SHANE ZABRINSKY. VIOLET’s worried until she realises a TV station is offering one million dollars to broadcast the encounter.

OCTAVIA shows her dad the manilla envelope, then rushes to save BEANIE, JET and GILES. She arrives in the nick of time to operate on the patient, DON. Afterall, she has the medical credentials.


JOSH, on the lookout for ‘Bad Mood’, meets COACH SHANE at the Boutique. They’re oblivious as ‘Bad Mood’ strikes.

GILES makes OCTAVIA give him one good reason why he should trust her. ‘Cos she knows how to get BEANIE out of the hospital, and he doesn’t. It’s good enough. OCTAVIA blackmails her father. Either he releases BEANIE or she takes the manilla envelope to the media.

SABRINA unleashes the jean odour and SOPHIE changes back to her old self mid-seduction. COACH SHANE becomes a hero to the nation.

JET promises to marry BEANIE. Las Vegas here they come!