Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 18

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 18



While Sunset Cove awakes to serious bad hair pollution, GILES and JET continue the search for their missing alien friend. Reporters swoop down on their newest scoop; is GILES an alien?

The town gets it’s first proper criminal; looks like a job for ‘The Silver Lining’. But can good really triumph over evil? Especially when the criminal is none other than ‘Bad Mood’, JOSH’s very own supervillain alter-ego.

GRAMPA watches the news reports alleging that GILES is an alien.

JET and GILES finally locate BEANIE; he’s in his room, unconscious. They have to get him to a hospital.


OCTAVIA is startled by her heart-racing reaction to ‘The Silver Lining’.

SOPHIE, the supervamp, works her way through the phonebook.

BEANIE is wheeled into the hospital’s E.R. He is signed in under a false name – Giles. Somehow JET must find the money to pay for BEANIE’s operation, before it’s too late.

GRAMPA calls the alien hotline and dobs in GILES for ten minutes and two ad breaks of fame.

JET employs the help of SABRINA to raise funds for BEANIE’s op. Meanwhile, OCTAVIA consults a doctor about her reaction to ‘The Silver Lining’. The prognosis is terminal; DOCTOR PROCTOR’s career is over.

‘Bad Mood’ holds the world to ransom. Either they answer his demands, whatever they may be, or the entire world economy will collapse. Looks like another job for ‘The Silver Lining’.


BEANIE hangs on by a thread, while GRAMPA and DOROTHY go head to head on national TV over the alien allegations. GRAMPA tells all that GILES is an alien. DOCTOR PROCTOR puts two and two together.

OCTAVIA confides in JOSH about her attraction to ‘The Silver Lining’. JOSH consults his superhero manual, but it’s against the rules to reveal his true identity to the love of his life. He hears a news report that ‘Bad Mood’ has struck again. Is his own ‘Bad Mood’ out of control?

CMDR VERMONT forms a ring of steel around the hospital. BEANIE is trapped..