Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 17

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 17



OCTAVIA tells GILES the Agency are trying to eliminate him; his life is in danger! But GILES refuses to listen – how can he ever believe anything she says?

Sunset Cove is in the grip of alien fever. Reporters quiz VIOLET about SOPHIE’s abduction. Word is that she’s.. changed.

With all the Trekkies about JET has a difficult time trying to find her pointy-eared BEANIE.


SOPHIE the Supervamp hasn’t forgotten GILES jilted her at the altar. She considers it a lucky break. Otherwise she might’ve been stuck with the speccy little creep for a lifetime.

JOSH tries to cope with the humiliation of being dumped by OCTAVIA. COACH SHANE doesn’t help.
GILES confides in JET. He loves OCTAVIA but love isn’t a one-way street. JET’s sad about BEANIE. GILES vows to help find him.

While SABRINA is rattled by the new competition from psycho SOPHIE, CMDR VERMONT is determined to catch the abductee. Nevermind that she’s not an alien. He can’t afford to take any chances.

DORSEY & ANTONIA continue to try and find the Lost City.

SOPHIE and SABRINA go head to head. COACH SHANE and VIOLET provide commentary on the match.


GILES and JET discover BEANIE’s photo album. All the evidence suggests he could be thousands of years old!

SABRINA loses the supervamp competition. She’s devastated.

ETHELRED, JOSH’s Viking Ancestor, visits him in a dream. Together they assemble a flat-packed shelf unit. This exercise teaches JOSH a valuable lesson. The MONTANAS didn’t make their money from doing good – they made it by being con men. And that is the tradition that JOSH must follow.. JOSH wakes, horrified.

Q reprimands OCTAVIA for wilfully thwarting the efforts of a fellow agent in the execution of his execution. But OCTAVIA urges Q to let GILES be.