Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 16

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 16



GILES and OCTAVIA make a bid for freedom via the local bus.

DOROTHY is livid. GILES isn’t going to get away so easily! She and GRAMPA embark upon a door-to-door search. But GILES isn’t the only one whose gone A.W.O.L. JET searches for BEANIE who is sad about not being able to marry her.

SABRINA relishes her role as the new Mrs Josh Montana and spends up large with all his money.


The ALIENS rejoice. They’re normal size again, back in their spaceship, in space, and they’re alive!! They never want to go back to Earth.. and have a devious plan to abort their Lost City of Atlantis quest. But will DORSEY agree?

An ACCOUNTANT, with only 24 hours to live, hijacks the bus, forcing the driver to take him on a speedy wild ride to see the wonders of the world.

DORSEY reports to the aliens that he’s had news of an Urgu Star Wasp heading for Earth. Urgu’s have blue acid blood.. and an appetite for Fnorians. The aliens are scared, especially when the spaceship detects an alien presence onboard.

CMDR VERMONT hunts the aliens with his new alien scanner.


BEANIE wanders alone, sad at being different. If only someone would tell him what he is.

The aliens prepare to be eliminated by the Urgu – but their intruder is not Urgu.. it’s SOPHIE, with Mr Fluffy Muffin.

OCTAVIA tells GILES the truth about working for the Agency. GILES is shocked, and angry. So she’s been lying to him all this time!

SABRINA’s spending jeopardises the world’s financial markets.

The aliens can’t take anymore of SOPHIE’s presence; XERON has an evil idea…

LEW SIFFER helps JOSH terminate his marriage to SABRINA.

The aliens decide to leave, but DORSEY is determined to stay and complete the mission. The aliens terrorise the people by lowflying, then beam SOPHIE back to Earth.. with a few not so subtle changes.

And the ACCOUNTANT finds himself on another wild ride.