Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 15

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 15



Wedding day has arrived, and only JET and BEANIE seem happy. VIOLET, still in mega debt, transforms the gym for a wedding.

The Vermont’s garden has also been wedding-a-fied. JOSH collects OCTAVIA so they can get the results of their legally required blood tests. BEANIE and JET’s blood tests are approved – but only just. SOPHIE, with a little help from her friend, gets GILES and her blood approved too.

SABRINA is still busy digging dirt on the Vermont’s.

ANTONIA reports her Atlantis findings to DORSEY.


CMDR VERMONT discovers a dress in his wardrobe, and he asks OCTAVIA to wear it on her wedding day. The aliens arrive back at the Vermont’s, ‘return to sender’. From inside the cakebox they see ANTONIA next to what they think is the Lost City of Atlantis. Is their mission complete..?

JET and BEANIE are preparing for their big day – their own way.

SABRINA intercepts OCTAVIA just before she is about to walk up the aisle and gives her some crucial information. There are some speedy costume changes which CMDR VERMONT does not see.

BEANIE and JET arrive at their wedding venue. DON will marry them.

VIOLET presides over SOPHIE and GILES sponsor-heavy wedding. GILES wishes that it was OCTAVIA walking up the aisle to him.

The aliens can see DORSEY at the Vermont/Montana wedding and they try to call out to him. DORSEY, however, sees the Lost City of Atlantis in cake form and attacks it.


The entire congregation is waiting for GILES to say “I do”, but GRAMPA gives him a sign in wool: “Run”. He runs.

‘OCTAVIA’ and JOSH marry – but it isn’t OCTAVIA. It’s SABRINA. SOPHIE storms the wedding looking for runaway groom GILES. When she finds he isn’t there her poltergeist lets rip. The powerful force causes the aliens to be returned to normal size. They are photographed, then take off in their ship… with Sophie.

The PHLEBOTOMIST interrupts the JET/BEANIE wedding to stop it as BEANIE’s blood is not human. JET can’t see what the problem is.

Meanwhile GILES and OCTAVIA passionately meet in the crashing surf, then catch a bus to who knows where…