Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 14


Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 14



GILES wakes from a nightmare to find Mr Fluffy Muffin, a stuffed toy bunny, gifted by SOPHIE, in his room. GILES gets the feeling he’s being watched.
JOSH is brimming with joy about his upcoming wedding to OCTAVIA.

GILES tells SOPHIE he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend. Her poltergeist is activated, but SOPHIE claims she has no control over it…

GILES and SABRINA dig the dirt on the VERMONTS. But who are the mystery people in the photo?
GILES hides from SOPHIE. The bunny tracks him down.


OCTAVIA is depressed. She doesn’t want to marry JOSH. CMDR and MRS VERMONT, and DOROTHY, reminisce about their own marriages – but do any of them remember? And why do they hear the distant hum of motorbike engines??

GILES returns home to find SOPHIE chatting with DOROTHY and GRAMPA. They’re going to be one big happy family! GILES trashes the bunny.

BEANIE confesses he wants to marry JET. GILES counsels him. BEANIE has to tell JET how he feels.

At school the next day, SOPHIE staples Mr Fluffy Muffin to GILES’s top. And BEANIE proposes to JET. Under a number of conditions she finally agrees. DON helps GILES destroy the bunny.


DORSEY sets homework – to find the Lost City of Atlantis. ANTONIA volunteers to become his research assistant.

The bunny returns. GILES tells the whole school over the tannoy that he isn’t marrying SOPHIE. SOPHIE gets mad, then even.
OCTAVIA tells JOSH she can’t marry him. JOSH still doesn’t get it.
GILES realises that SOPHIE is behind GRAMPA’s disappearance. He calls in BEANIE and JET to help find him.

Q warns OCTAVIA – if she doesn’t marry JOSH then bad things will happen to GILES.

The PSYCHIC is no help. And the bunny boiling doesn’t work either. To get GRAMPA back GILES makes the ultimate sacrifice.