Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 13

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 13



SOPHIE sends a note to GILES. GILES pretends he didn’t get the note. But SOPHIE knows he did – she was watching.

VIOLET is inundated with paperwork since VITA left, and SABRINA’s scam is suffering.

DORSEY faces GENERAL YEN and HAJ. He failed his mission, and thus jeopardised the future of his planet. DORSEY pleads with the Generals to let him stay and find the Lost City of Atlantis.. or die in the attempt. The Generals will consider his request. ANTONIA is concerned about MR DORSEY – he appears preoccupied.

VIOLET calls DON to help with the computer and the mess she is in.


JET advises GILES to be a man and make SOPHIE understand that he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend. GILES dons a disguise instead.

COACH SHANE gives JOSH advice for meeting OCTAVIA’s parents. The three Fs: fulsome flattery and flowers.

SABRINA seeks GILES’ help to break up OCTAVIA and JOSH. If they can find out the VERMONTs’ big secret it’ll eliminate OCTAVIA’s chances with the MONTANAs. But OCTAVIA doesn’t want to marry JOSH anyway. Q warns her not to jeopardise her future with the Agency.

GILES and SABRINA dig dirt on the VERMONTS, while someone spies.

SOPHIE bakes apple pie. DOROTHY is impressed, but GRAMPA is sceptical. GILES is just scared. MRS VERMONT and CMDR VERMONT are impressed with their future son-in-law, JOSH MONTANA.


JET is antimarriage. BEANIE is disappointed.

SABRINA and GILES find that CMDR VERMONT doesn’t exist on any population census. Who is this man?
The Generals make their ruling on DORSEY. He must find the Lost City of Atlantis – if he fails there will be no mercy.

SABRINA’s scam has come to an end. She now has only one outfit left to wear!

GILES finally gives SOPHIE the hard word. SOPHIE understands completely – so does Mr Fluffy Muffin. GILES gets the feeling he’s said the wrong thing.